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  1. Sarah is a female human ranger of chaotic good alignment for BGII. The mod offers romance possibilities for a female protagonist. Version 6 fixes an EET install error, some minor fixes, and adds a Russian Translation by tipun. Readme Project Page Download
  2. Auren Aseph is a is a NPC mod for BG2, featuring a young and eager fighter from Beregost. She was born to a middle class merchant and his wife, and grew up a headstrong girl. Her father would tell her stories of adventurers he'd run into while on his caravan routes, and Auren became more and more interested at the thought of adventuring as she got older. She'd spend hours every week at the famous blacksmith Thunderhammer's shop, staring at all of the many types of weapons and armor, both magical and non-magical. Auren also features an original soundtrack, which is also available separately on
  3. Added the following mods for SoD compatibility: Ajantis BG1 Expansion Endless BG1 Jastey's SoD Tweakpack
  4. Gibberlings Three / Kerzenburgforum Imoen 4 Ever Imoen 4 Ever aims at making Imoen a steady companion throughout the whole BG-Saga. Imoen-related story content is being considered, therefore Imoen will be out of party temporarily to reflect the most crucial original game events. This mod makes her rejoin the party after such incidents, so that she can be seen as an actual travel companion in SoD and BGII. Version 5 comes with SoD content: Imoen will rejoin the group at the first camp after marching out against the crusade. Just le
  5. Imoen4Ever updates to v5! Because of the new content and the changed components structure with more optional choices the mod package will have a beta tag until I get more feedback and bug reports. Version 5 comes with SoD content: Imoen will rejoin the group at the first camp after marching out against the crusade. Just leave the camp via the road in northeast direction and Imoen will appear and ask to be taken back into the group. After that, she will be available as a normal joinable NPC until after the PC's fall at the end of teh game where the original game content will kick in again.
  6. Added Imoen Friendship (v3.6) to the list of compatible mods.
  7. First post updated with new description of the changed mod structure for v5.
  8. Transitions will also overwrite EBG1's Imoen-Duke Jannath component with own content from it's main component.
  9. EBG1 transfers the contents from the "PC's chest" and "Imoen's chest" (3rd floor Palace) to the SoD equivalents and did so from v1.
  10. @AL|EN did you ask @Wisp for a feature request? I wouldn't mind posting one but I still don't exactly get what exactly is needed here.
  11. What would that be? Is giving this weidu support an option? As much as I would like to support this, I have several mods where global install orders for the whole mod really doesn't make sense.
  12. In addition to what Jarno said, also keep in mind that the max letter count of IE files is 8, and for areas it's 6 (because of the light map, search map, and height map which have LM/SR/HT in their names by default).
  13. Ah, yes it gives a warning in the readme indeed. I wasn't aware of that. @Clockwerkthank you, I just wanted to make sure it's not a bug report that needs to addressing.
  14. I see this more for the things where the modders *know* about dependencies. I am thinking about included crossmod content (which only works if the mod is installed after the one it has crossmod for), known dependencies, known incompatibilities depending on install order etc. Almost all of my mods have some such and I would appreciate a possibility to be able to specify the ones I know about. The reason for the idea of putting this into the mods themselves was the knowledge that an overall mod order list will not work because noone will contribute to it (in the long run). But yes, of cours
  15. Aah, that makes a lot of sense! This is one of the things where I see it clearly afterwards but needed a second pair of eyes to realize. Thank you - again! - for your insight and patience.
  16. I hit one problem I am sure is on my side. If I use an OUTER_SPRINT for the stringref numbers, e.g. %63960% => 1. Is there anything obvious why it would work for SoD, but not for EET? This is what I use for both games inside a tpa: This is from my tp2: For SoD, it installs and patches fine. For EET, it does not patch anything in BDIMOEN, and gives error messages for the other dialogue files: Since the definitions of the OUTER_SETs are set and the structure is completely the same for both games, I am at a loss what the problem for EET would be.
  17. Oooooh. Nice. I didn't understand that's how this works. Awesome! Thanks for your patience.
  18. Thanks for the list @Endarire! This is not my field of expertise. If anything should be done to DSotSC and/or NTotSC how the spells are added / compatibility checks / better coding standard etc. let me know and I will integrate it. That also goes for Region of Terror, I suppose.. What do you mean by this?
  19. Sorry for being daft. I don't see how I would call several reply option indeces in the same state. Currently, I get one idex per state. E.g. for state 39, the reply option index with the matching string is stored in %responses_39%. I call it inside the d with: ADD_TRANS_TRIGGER ARAN 39 ~Global("C#IM_ImoenStays","GLOBAL",0)~ DO %responses_39% For calling more than one I would need several variables for the different reply option indeces of one state which I do not see in the current version of the code.
  20. I see. That's a very powerful feature you are planning there for mod install order, awesome. Would you consider writing a best practice tutorial how to make a mod compatible and ready for PI? For example I had no idea the LABELs would be so important (and also not in this global range). I am absolutely willing to make my mods PI compatible but I need good instructions so I know what to add where without the feeling that I do extra rounds because I didn't know everything on time or - even worse - didn't know how to implement it so it would be useful.
  21. And: if I name my LABELs tp2name_componentname (without my prefix) it would still be unique, no? Because there are no two mods with the same tp2 name due to compatibility reasons. So, including the prefix to me is less of making the label unique, it's more of being able to spot quicker which other mod(der) the referenced LABEL belongs to (?).
  22. I still don't understand. What does PI do with LABELs, i.e. use them for? I thought they are for mods to be able to detect/forbid other components, either from its own or from different mods. But that's code that is coded into mods. Why would get PI confused if a mod component moves and gets a new LABEL if all mods using it would be updated, too?
  23. I would need help to adjust this structure so it also can store several reply option indexes for one dialogue state, and would be very happy for help. // List of all potential response strrefs to check ACTION_DEFINE_ASSOCIATIVE_ARRAY response_strrefs BEGIN 43058 => 1 49175 => 1 END COPY_EXISTING ~aran.dlg~ ~override~ // scanning listed dialog states PATCH_FOR_EACH state IN 39 70 BEGIN LPF GET_RESPONSE_STRREFS INT_VAR state RET strrefs RET_ARRAY strrefs END TEXT_SPRINT indices ~~ // a temporary variable for building the index list FOR (i = 0; i < strrefs; ++
  24. Is this already ready for implementation? I thought we got stuck in discussion about features. Is the problem about tagging mod components differently solved? Because I'd definitely need that.
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