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  1. You're welcome Endarire, I'm glad it seems to have evoked a positive reaction.
  2. Hello to all of you who are still waiting for Aklon with nearly supernatural levels of patience despite the, er, substantial number of years this is taking. As is tradition in this corner of the Gibberlings 3 upon the eve of Christmas, I have for all of you a little snippet of what's to come. In this case a chunk of the quest for Aklon's possessions, specifically the beginning where you find out about it. Not all options for the PC are shown, but hopefully you'll get a taste of what's to come. So, with that, I'd like to wish everyone, wherever you are and whatever might be happening in this difficult year, a wonderful and safe holiday season, and a happy 2021! Aklon: My benefactor, now that we are clear of Lehtinan, I have a small request to make of you. You need not take it up should it interfere with your own needs, but it may help me contribute to your cause. PC: 1. Of course, Aklon, ask away. 2. Can it wait? The trail I’m following is cooling as it is. 3. I’ve just freed you from certain death in a fighting pit. You’re not in a position to be asking for favors. 4. I’ve got to admire the audacity of asking for a favor so quickly after being freed. Very well, what is it you want? Aklon: I thank you, <CHARNAME>. Aklon: When I was captured by Lehtinan, I was stripped of all of my possessions, saving the simple clothes you find me in. Most of what I owned will no doubt have been abandoned, sold on, or passed out among the staff of the Copper Coronet. Those items are beyond any retrieval, I fear. Aklon: Additionally, since I was drugged, I have unclear memories of the circumstances. It is possible that some of my possessions were left behind at the Mithrest Inn. Aklon: Regardless, I believe that there are two items of mine which may be able to be retrieved, as they have certain magical properties and would be of more significant worth. The first is my pharmacopoeia, and the second, my cloak. Both have practical uses, but the cloak only to myself. PC: 1. What use is this pharmacopoeia? 2. The cloak is only useful to you? 3. Do you have any idea how we could find them? Aklon: To anyone other than myself, it seems a simple belt bag, though it would preserve any food or plants placed inside, which would arouse interest in it as a magical curio. Aklon: In my hands, however, it acts a little like a bag of holding, containing a large stock of medicinal plants, alchemical reagents and apparatus. With it, I can make potions to provide some measure of healing and fortification to our party. I have the skill to make such potions without the pharmacopoeia, but the time and equipment required to make remedies of use for an adventuring party is incompatible with actually being an adventuring party. PC: 1. That is certainly useful. Where do you think it is? Aklon: There are two places to start. First, the Mithrest Inn where I was staying before my capture. Second, the Copper Coronet. The proprietors of either establishment would know where any of my remaining possessions went if they had them. If neither of them know, then only Lady Tymora could return my property to me. PC: 1. Then let’s get moving. [End]
  3. Hi Celticrose and Glandire, Thanks very much for the well-wishes and for sticking through for as many years as this is taking, I hope you and yours, and everyone else out there, have a wonderful and safe holiday.
  4. Thanks for the well wishes Sir Carnifex. As for most hobbies, it's a labour of love, which is why I've kept on things for so long (plus a certain level of personal doggedness). I still enjoy the process, I just wish I had more time to do it in. Between work, personal commitments and general life, it can be hard to line it up with inspiration. Good luck with your own project!
  5. Thanks Celticrose and Jastey, I don't know if he will be entirely worth the... rather considerable wait, but I'll do my best so that when the stars align and the release date comes, he won't be a disappointment. And perhaps can fit within that fanfic.
  6. Thanks for the interest and encouragement, Psionica, Martin and Nyaore, and for sticking with this thing as long as it's been going. Aklon has been in writing for... some time, it has to be said. Kind of disturbing that that includes the entirety of someone's life and base schooling. I think my use of the term "soon" on the original banner was some kind of crime against language. With that said, I am still making some progress, and I have Aklon's recruitment quest done now, and I should hopefully have the remaining quests wrapped up in the not too distant future.
  7. Thanks Gofer, I do appreciate the well wishes, and your hanging around so long. Aklon's still getting his boots on, but hopefully he won't be too much longer.
  8. Hey Celticrose, jastey and Marin, Thank you all for continuing to lurk hopefully (I really need to check in more often), despite my continuing lateness. I really do appreciate the encouragement, and I'll hope to have something for you all in the not too distant future. I've really gone far beyond the definition of "soon" by now.
  9. Greetings, Cahir, Jastey, Brokenkatana and Nimloth of Thay, the Lurkers in the scrivening rooms of Aklon! Thank you all for keeping an eye on happenings here and I do hope the current situation out in the real world isn't making too great an impact on your lives. Since I am working from home, I have actually ended up with a bit more free time for not having to commute, and I have been putting it to good use with some progress. The quest to free Aklon by means other than violence is nearly done. I will then be getting on with his personal quests, interjections and then on to some preliminary coding. I'm still not sure if I should release a SoA only version while working on the ToB stuff, but I will look into that once I've fully transliterated and tidied up my written notes and dialogues into computer form suitable for coding.
  10. Thanks for the well wishes Glandire (and sorry for my delay in replying). I'm still making progress on writing, it's not as fast as I'd like but it is happening. Hopefully I'll have something for those still lurking hopefully in the not too distant future.
  11. Skooter the Cuter. I'll happily echo you both, G3's a great place and though I'm one of the quieter denizens, my thanks to those who do the hard yards keeping it going and I wish all who inhabit it a wonderful 2020 and amazing years to come!
  12. Hello everyone who still checks in to see my terrifyingly slow writing progress. We are once again at the tide of Yule, so I thought I would show a little more of what's actually been going on as a little bit of a present. What we have here is a snippet of just one possible path to freeing Aklon from Lehtinan's "employ", this one for people who'd like to buy him for themselves. I've removed the various qualifiers and other options the player has in this conversation, and there's potentially quite a bit more to be done here, such that the price is not fixed as stated if you only intend to pay in gold. With that said, enjoy a little bit of what's to come, and I'll wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2020! PC: I met one of your pitfighters. Fellow in chains in the back. He seems keen to not be one of your pitfighters any more. I don’t suppose you’d consider selling his... contract? Lehtinan: Yes, I know the one. (hrrrrrm) ‘Tis not his choice to leave or stay, I have his... contract and I’ve invested a lot in his utility to me. I’ll not throw all hat away. PC: Which is why I offered to pay. Lehtinan: Well, perhaps I could let him go. Yet, I’ve put a lot of gold down on that one already, and barely made anything back, so your gold must pay for that imbalance. Twelve thousand coins I will take in exchange for the bare-handed fighter. PC: For just one man? Lehtinan: You gain more than just the man. With him comes a means of wringing compliance. To remove it would need his death, so you must pay for that too. PC: Surely there must be some way to lower the price. Lehtinan: Why should I (hrrrrmm)... lower my price? PC: There’s value in more than gold. I can accomplish things your normal employees can’t, for instance. Lehtnan: That is true enough. (hrrrmm...) It just so happens there is something you could do for me, something more suited to someone not known to be in my employ, and which has significant enough value to exchange the fighter’s contract for. Are you interested? PC: Absolutely, speak on….
  13. Hi Cassie, Nimloth of Thay and Jastey, Thanks so for the well wishes and encouragement (ack, though I really do need to keep a closer eye on the forum I'm so late to reply). Slow as I might be, I'm still inching forward, and hopefully there will be an Aklon to play one day, though I think I've kind of gone well beyond even the most generous definition of "soon" at this point.
  14. Hi Fina and Corialote, apologies for the delay in responding, life is a little bit getting-in-the-way at the moment. Thank you both for the votes of confidence, despite the insanely long time I've been at this, it really is appreciated. As to updates, I've made much less progress than I'd like, but I'm trying to slot in as much regular time as I can for writing at the moment. I'm working on quests now, doing the part where a PC can choose to buy Aklon's freedom (or just buy him), and to reduce Lehtinan's rather steep asking fee, they can do a little job for him. As far as keeping Aklon enslaved into ToB, I haven't finalised that aspect of the path yet, but at the moment I'm leaning towards making it possible. Tricky, but possible.
  15. Thanks for the positive wishes Isewein, though I've been working on Aklon a long time, I hope I'll be able to get him finished in the not too distant future, and while 15 years is a lot of time to be worth the wait, hopefully he'll be worth playing anyway.
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