Spell Revisions

Spell Revisions aims to fix, tweak, and enhance arcane and divine spells in Baldur's Gate II, Tutu, and Baldur's Gate Trilogy. This originally started as a project to make the spell system more balanced by improving weaker spells and nerfing overpowered ones, but has evolved to also include changes to spells designed to make them more fun and interesting and fixes for spell-related bugs found in the original game.

Main Component

Spell Revisions places a high priority on making all of the existing spells viable choices, while keeping an eye on balance issues. Now, Magic Missile won't be the only first-level arcane spell you'll want to memorize! To help achieve this goal, portions of the old spell system that were consistently underpowered, like healing spells and summons, have been vastly improved so that they are competitive options. In addition, SR takes the stance that low-level spells should not become completely inffective once characters reach higher levels, so it adds scaling features to many spells.

Among other things, the mod makes druid and cleric spell selections more distinct, with druids focusing on animal and elemental spheres for a repertoire of spells oriented toward the offensive. Arcane spell schools have also been flushed out, with the belief that each spell level should contain at least one spell from each school. To help fulfill these goals, SR adds a small number of spells to the game and modifies the schools and restrictions of some existing spells where appropriate.

SR also improves the descriptions of many spells to be more accurate, more consistent, and, occasionally, less boring.

Additional Content

Spell Revisions includes several optional components that do not require the main component.

Deva and Planetar Avatars

This component updates the avatars of the celestials summoned by HLAs to take advantage of 1PP Attachable Wings, and adjusts their weapons.

Mirror Image Fix

This .exe patch fixes mirror images so they no longer protect from AoE spells such as Fireball.

Dispel Magic Fix

This .exe patch fixes the chance to dispel magic to match the spell's description (so there is at least a marginal chance of dispelling effects of a higher-level mage) and corrects conceptual problems caused by the automatic dispelling of all magically created items.


A few extensions to the main component are contained in separate components because they patch the game executable or because they require a later install order. These components all require that the main component be installed.

Cure Sleep Fix

This .exe patch allows creatures affected by Sleep to awaken if hit, and creatures affected by Greater Command to make a save each round to awaken.

Remove Disabled Spells from Spell Selection Screens

This .exe patch allows certain spells that should no longer be available to be removed from the character generation and sorcerer level-up screens.

Update Spellbooks of Joinable NPCs

This component will patch all joinable NPCs in the game who are divine casters, updating their spellbooks by removing spells that should no longer be available to them and adding the new ones they should get. It is recommended to install this component after all mod NPCs.