Lore From Learning

The Lore From Learning mod is a small WeiDU mod that adds lore bonuses to your main character as you learn and adventure throughout the game. The bonuses (and the stimuli that provide them) are, by design, meant to be minor and enhance the role-playing aspect of the game.

The Lore From Learning is broken down into more targeted components for the player. However, they all work on the same mechanic: at every rest, your main character will have some time to read books, talk with their party, etc. It is during these rest periods where lore triggers will be evaluated and, if appropriate, bonuses awarded. The specific details about triggers are deliberately vague so as not to spoil, however, full details will be posted on the forum for those interested.

Advanced Customization
In the mod folder is a text file named customize.tpa. Using a text editor, you can adjust various factors that affect the various triggers and rewards related to all of the mod's components. Details are in the file itself; if you have any questions or feedback feel free to ask on the forum.

Books Provide Lore Bonuses
As the player adventures through the Sword Coast and beyond they find many history books. As the player reads these books they can earn bonuses for learning the history of the broader world. A handful of books will provide greater bonuses than others. However, there is a maximum amout of lore you can earn from books.

Weapon Knowledge Provides Lore Bonuses
As your skill with various weapons advanced, two lore bonuses are possible.

Party Members Provide Lore Bonuses
Given how much time you spend with them, the party can be a wealth of information. This component provides some minor rewards for traveling, long-term, with a party with a diverse set of backgrounds, specifically, of many different race and class combinations.

Defeating Monsters Provides Lore Bonuses
The player will gain lore knowledge as they adventure and defeat monsters. Specifically, lore bonuses can be earned by defeating many different types of monsters.

Exploring Areas Provides Lore Bonuses
The player will gain lore knowledge as they adventure and explore new areas. In particular, famous or exotic locations (e.g. other planes) will provide larger advancement for lore bonuses.