This mod adds the new NPC Gavin to Baldur's Gate Tutu, Baldur's Gate Trilogy, and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition games. Gavin can be found outside the Song of the Morning Temple, near Beregost. Gavin is a cleric of Lathander.

Gavin was born in Ulgoth's Beard, one of the younger children of a sailmaker and a midwife. He had an unremarkable childhood, until, at the age of 12, he discovered he had a talent for healing. His father was a follower of Tyr, but his mother worshipped Lathander. They were quite surprised to find that their rambunctious son had a calling to the priesthood, but they enthusiastically supported his decision, nevertheless, accompanying him to Beregost to begin his novitiate. His service to his god and his temple was devout, but otherwise unimpressive, and he was ordained a Dawnbringer at the age of 19. Since then, he has spent most of his time performing varied services for the temple, but Gavin's advancement within the ranks has been slow. Gavin is 28 when you meet.


  • 16 Strength
  • 12 Dexterity
  • 16 Constitution
  • 12 Intelligence
  • 17 Wisdom
  • 12 Charisma


Gavin will attempt to befriend a protagonist of any race who is not evil or an assassin. Gavin will not withhold his friendship based on reputation, but he will leave if it should fall below 5. There are no statistical requirements for friendship.

Gavin will join a party with an evil or assassin protagonist, and will make interjections and banter with other NPCs, but he will not participate in any of the friendship talks.


Gavin has no racial preferences, for friendship or romance. A romance guide (PDF, 916k) is available.

  • Gender: Gavin will only romance a female protagonist.
  • Alignment: While Gavin will befriend a neutral protagonist, he will only be attracted to a female of good alignment.
  • Class restrictions: Gavin will not be attracted to an assassin, bounty hunter, or necromancer of any alignment.
  • Stat requirement: Gavin admires a strong leader, so he will only be attracted to a protagonist with a charisma of 12 or better and a wisdom of 10 or better.
  • Reputation: A reputation of 11 or higher is required to initiate and sustain the romance, but for it to progress past a certain rather obvious point, a reputation of 15 or better is required and must be maintained. Gavin will warn the PC if her reputation needs work with plenty of time to improve it.
  • Offense: Gavin is not particularly easily offended, but he will not tolerate frequent insult to his values, or too many callous or cruel decisions. Gavin appreciates the kind of maturity that cannot be measured in years. Obviously immature PC responses are also likely to offend.