Aklon is a WeiDU mod that introduces a new male monk NPC, romancable by females of all races, for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.

Aklon is a veteran adventurer, whose travels have led him all across the face of Faerun and even into Zakhara and the fabled Kara-Tur. However, he has now fallen foul of Athkatla's slaving ring and languishes in the fighting pits of the Copper Coronet, fighting for his life and the amusement of Lehtinan's wealthy patrons. Will you free Aklon and earn his eternal gratitude, or buy him from Lehtinan and keep him on a short leash?

(SoA) Aklon's Features include:

  • Loyalty: Aklon will stay with a PC without regard to their alignment or reputation. Good and evil are not issues as far as Aklon is concerned, but beware, for Aklon can be offended and his patience is not limitless. Characters who choose to enslave Aklon should always make sure he remains where you can see him...
  • Romance: Aklon will romance a female PC of any race, so long as her INT is 10 or higher and CHR is 8 or higher. But Aklon won't fall all over just any woman! Aklon's potential love interest will have to work a little to spark his interest and, perhaps, face a difficult choice. In between getting to know his rescuer, Aklon's romance is spiced up with flirts, both romantic and sexy. A romance conflict with Anomen Delryn is, of course, in the offing, but will the natural enemies remain so, or can they become friends?
  • Romance in the Underdark: While the bowels of the earth are not the ideal place for a romantic interlude, Aklon will not cease his affections entirely, nor will the player have to. After all, isn't it a bit suspicious if Veldrin refuses any male company in Ust Natha?
  • Conversations: Aklon can be spoken to by the PC and asked about his past, his family and his experiences in the world. The PC can discover where Aklon earned his scars, learned his skills and all about his old friends and enemies. PCs romancing Aklon will be able to probe more deeply into Aklon's past, learn his secrets, and even discuss matters arising from their romance. Aklon will also speak to PCs he is not romancing, asking questions about the player's own past and what it means to be the child of a dead god.
  • NPC Romance: Aklon will also be capable of romancing Aerie, if she is in the party and neither he nor Aerie becomes too deeply involved with the PC. This romance will include a conflict with Haer'Dalis, if he is also in the party. Haer'Dalis may compete with Aklon for Aerie's affections, or the bard may attempt to seduce the avariel away from Aklon.
  • Banters: Aklon will banter with the other party members, ask them questions, make comments or have questions asked of him. Aklon will banter several times with each of the NPCs, but Keldorn, Anomen and Edwin will be the ones who chat most with Aklon.
  • Interjections: Aklon is not shy about commenting on situations, retorting to insults or giving advice and support to his rescuer. Thus, Aklon will chime in at many appropriate moments, perhaps merely to speak to an old acquaintance.
  • Items: Aklon has a unique item of his own: Aklon's Complete Pharmacopoeia, which has been lost and must be found. Several other unique items will be introduced by the Aklon NPC mod as well, though they do not belong to Aklon himself.
  • Quests: Aklon has no immediate issues in Athkatla that demand his attention. However, PCs may wish to seek out Aklon's Pharmacopoeia or look for a way to remove the magical collar that Lehtinan (and perhaps the PC) used to control him in the Copper Coronet's fighting pits. Aklon leaves few enemies, but he does have a long history, which just might catch up with him. Even if Aklon is not in the party, a least two additional quests and unique items will be available from Ano'Gahrm, a stranger from a strange land.
  • Voicing: Aklon will be fully voiced, including the various extra NPCs that the mod will introduce. Full voicing will depend on the quality of voice recording possible and if it is implemented, a voice light version may be released, for players with low bandwidth.