It is said that no tiefling is quite like another, and Amber is no exception to this rule. Her unique features include amber-colored irises, cat-like pupils and delicately pointed ears. Her hair is flaming red and her skin of a warm brown—almost copper—hue. Her hair or unusual eyes might well be the most obvious oddity about Amber, but the first thing you notice about her is likely to be the uneasy feeling of something being slightly off-kilter that hangs about her. Initially Amber appears withdrawn, suspicious and restless, as tieflings often do: she never seems to stay in one place for very long and always seems cautious and highly aware of her surroundings. Her natural curiosity is both a blessing and a curse: she has learned a lot because of it but it has never kept her out of trouble. Being both a prime - she doesn't recall ever having been to Sigil or any other place outside the prime material plane - and a tiefling, she feels as if caught somewhere in between these two worlds. While she can never pass for a normal person, she also lacks the otherworldly grace of a seasoned planewalker, leaving her with a strong feeling of being on the outside wherever she is. Although it is evident that Amber has seen many strange things in the past, the offspring of a dead god is definitely something new to her. The curiosity she feels might be reason enough for her to stick around for a while, but whether she will find reasons to stay will remain to be seen.

Amber has her very own website maintained by her authors; you can discover even more about her at

As a WeiDU mod, Amber will be compatible with other WeiDU mods. It will also require Throne of Bhaal, for which content will later on be released as a separate add-on.

A summary of Amber's features:

  • extensive and involving interaction with the PC and other NPCs; conversations, banters and interjections
  • optional player-initiated conversations
  • special interjections, banters and more for Underdark
  • potential for a romance with a suitable male protagonist (or Player 2 in a multiplayer game) or a non-romantic friendship with non-eligible protagonist
  • multiplayer-friendly flirt pack with both Amber-initiated and player-initiated flirts
  • a romance conflict with Viconia, Jaheira and Aerie
  • 3 mini-quests with copious dialogue complete with new areas (edited from original game areas)
  • new items, some more useful than others
  • voicing for Amber and rest of the more important non-party NPCs
  • original musical content

For more information, visit Amber's very own website.

If you wish to comment on any aspect of Amber, make a suggestion or check on the progress of the Throne of Bhaal portion, visit the forums.