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Amber is a tiefling rogue of a chaotic good alignment, possessed of a few special abilities. Despite being fairly intelligent, she can at times be rather blunt when communicating with other people. This trait rarely earns her friends among the people she meets, and the feeling of initial dislike is usually mutual. But underneath her prickly manners, she has a good heart and is prepared to go to great lengths to help those who she sees to be weak and in need of aid.

What's New in Version v5   See changelog


  • Native EET compatibility
  • Updated old code libraries; other optimizations and modernizations
  • Amber's item restrictions have been expanded to be more comprehensive; on EE they now utilize EE-only functions to show up as other unusable items (e.g. red borders)
  • Fixed bug with class/kit checks in Amber's banters
  • Fixed broken tokens in Amber's interjections
  • Fixed bug with Rashryn's spawn in the Promenade
  • When curing Amber's vampirism, she could sometimes spawn hostile
  • Fixed a handful of bugs where dialogues with Player1 would check Player2 for triggers, or vice-versa
  • Fixed a handful of bugs with items having wrong/illegal charges on their items
  • Numerous small item fixes
    • In EE games, item descriptions now more closely follow the EE style guide
    • Abyssal Pipe's Cloudkill now gets blocked by poison immunity, as appropriate
    • Feline Fur Cloak and Ymmrt's Robe now display appropriate portrait icons
    • Bottled Elements no longer misses a description
    • Beauty Kit now properly displays visuals and plays audio when used
    • Blade of Roses +4 had wrong speed factor, wrong damage in description, and had incomplete fear immunity
    • Thorard's Saucer now enforces its required strength
    • Speed factor was incorrect for Club +2
    • Gillian's Bracelet also had incomplete fear immunity
    • Speed factor and entangle effect was incorrect for Mielikki's Gift (regular and upgraded)
    • Box of Pixie Dust had incorrect duration for its invisibility effect
  • Art for the new areas now uses the native tileset format for EEs, reducing potential seams in the tiles
  • Numerous typo fixes


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