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  1. Meira


    As a WeiDU mod, Amber will be compatible with other WeiDU mods. It will also require Throne of Bhaal, for which content will later on be released as a separate add-on. A summary of Amber's features: extensive and involving interaction with the PC and other NPCs; conversations, banters and interjections optional player-initiated conversations special interjections, banters and more for Underdark potential for a romance with a suitable male protagonist (or Player 2 in a multiplayer game) or a non-romantic friendship with non-eligible protagonist multiplayer-friendly flirt pack with both Amber-initiated and player-initiated flirts a romance conflict with Viconia, Jaheira and Aerie 3 mini-quests with copious dialogue complete with new areas (edited from original game areas) new items, some more useful than others voicing for Amber and rest of the more important non-party NPCs original musical content For more information, visit Amber's very own website. If you wish to comment on any aspect of Amber, make a suggestion or check on the progress of the Throne of Bhaal portion, visit the forums.
  2. Meira


    Version v4


    Amber is a tiefling rogue of a chaotic good alignment, possessed of a few special abilities. Despite being fairly intelligent, she can at times be rather blunt when communicating with other people. This trait rarely earns her friends among the people she meets, and the feeling of initial dislike is usually mutual. But underneath her prickly manners, she has a good heart and is prepared to go to great lengths to help those who she sees to be weak and in need of aid. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit Amber's Forum
  3. I actually have a almost finished version of Aerie romance for Player 2 on lying my HD. I never got around to completely finishing it. IRC I was already testing it, so it should install correctly (or maybe not, I don't remember). I chose Aerie over Viconia and Jaheira because she talks endlessly about herself and only occasionally refers to her sweetheart as being bhaalspawn. That meant that there was minimal re-writing required.
  4. Meira

    Ambers bracelet problem

    Just to clarify: If you have already killed everyone in the thieves guild Amber will go and find the bracelet herself. That's the way the guest is designed, so that you don't run into a dead end with her when you side with Bodhi.
  5. Meira

    Map not appearing.

    A crash like this has been encountered when you have a mod that alters ammunition stacks installed. I haven't quite been able to figure out why my bowmen (or possibly one of them) cause a mod-conflict like that. Although IRC it was a mod that lowered the ammunition stacking not increased it. Another possibility is that your variables are not correctly set because you clua-consoled the map. There is a letter that comes along with the map, although as far as I can remember the variable is set when you have the map, regardless if you pick up the letter or not. I'm afraid it's a slippery slope after you have to start clua-consoling stuff up. However, if you got a journal entry when you got the map everything should be fine, it think.
  6. Meira

    can't start second player romance

    Okay, that's why you didn't get the dialogue option. For some reason the player2 isn't an eligible bachelor for Amber. The script that determines that checks these things: - Player2's int and cha stats (both 12 or higher) - gender (male) - that he is not wearing girdle of sex change - that he has the MORALEBREAK stat of a PC (0) and not of a NPC (5) - that he's not any of the couple dozen mod NPCs that have their MORABREAK stat set incorrectly for a NPC. The script checks all this in the beginning of the game, so if you have changed anything after you started the game it won't work.
  7. Meira

    Amber leaves the party when I raise her

    No, that's not supposed to happen. Has she behaved normally so far? I mean talking, quests and player initiated dialogue and such? How did she die and wich spell are using to rise her?
  8. Meira

    can't start second player romance

    Can you give me the value of the GLOBAL variable M#AmberMatch?
  9. Meira

    Amber's Spanish translation

    Please remember folks that any user modified versions of Amber that you download are not supported or (more importantly) updated by me. So, I rather recommend using the tutorial to activate the English spoken language for your local copy of the mod. It's really simple, anyway.
  10. Meira

    can't start second player romance

    Player 2 must have charisma and intelligence both 12 or better from the start of the game. The characters race doesn't matter, but he must be a male of course.
  11. I'll have to try to find time to look through those archers again. Just that you don't have to be so careful with the install order.
  12. If it crashes when you try to enter Ymmyrt's house, I'm pretty sure it's an ammunition mod. Or at least I remember having issue like that before where the arrow stacks in my archers inventories had not been affected by a mod installed before Amber. That caused inconsistency and crashed the game. Pretty sure that I fixed those ammunition stacks, but maybe there's one archer that I've missed.
  13. Well, I don't know if it's Aurora. My judgement is based solely on the fact that the read me said it should be installed after most mods and especially those that add new animation or creatures. Amber doesn't add animations, but being an NPC mod Amber definetly adds new creatures to the game. I'd ask from Aurora's modder(s) what they think. If it turns out that the mod can't cause an issue like this let's try to figure out other possibilities. One thing I forgot to ask though: have you already done the original game's slaver quest? It shouldn't matter to Amber, but I'd like to know so that we can narrow down the possibilities. Unfortunately there's an item there that you need to get. And it's possible that you'll face that issue again, maybe not in anything related to Amber, but in another context.
  14. The only thing I can think of is this: The read me of this mod says that you should install this after most mods. I'm not sure if that's the one, though. Another possibility is mods that limit ammunition stacking (altough I've tried to fix that issue in Amber), but since you have unlimited ammo stacking installed I don't think that's the case here.
  15. Meira

    Version 2.6 won't install.

    Glad to hear that you got the mod working.