Zakrion BG NPC Mod

When asked about his past, ZAKRION smiles calmly at you and says that he was a son of a ship captain.  He fondly relays a time where he would stand atop the ship and smell the salty sea breeze. He falls silent for a moment but neither his eyes nor his voice betrays him as he blatantly speaks of his father's ship being taken by pirates. Ever since then, he was named the next captain for the survivors of the invasion until his own ship wreckage where he lost his entire crew and left him as the sole survivor.

This NPC modification adds Zakrion, a True Neutral Human Duelist, to the game. The Zakrion NPC Mod introduces a human Duelist to BG:EE. Zakrion can be found near the ship wreckage on the Sword Coast.

The mod includes:

  • Custom Portraits
  • Custom Soundset
  • Friendship Track
  • Numerous Banters with all BioWare NPCS (including Beamdog's four NPCs) and Interjections
  • "Semi-Romance" with the PC

Additionally, he has a proficiency in two weapon style, short swords, and long swords.