Baldur's Gate Romantic Encounters

Baldur's Gate Romantic Encounters Modification (BG1RE) is a mod for "vanilla" BG1 (requires TotSC), BG1Tutu v4, EasyTutu, BGT, BG:EE, and EET, adding several encounters and quests all over the game.

For BG1RE, not every component deals with the PC trying to sneak into someone's pants or vice versa. BG1RE aims at populating BG1 with romantic encounters, intense dialogues, unexpected private dinners, romantic traces of long lost times, and real quests that all deal with true love, fulfilled or unfulfilled.

It also offers encounters for the PC's quick relief, of course, with either paid companions or willing strangers. For some encounters, the female PC should brush herself, as it might be she comes out flustered if she doesn't stop in time.

This mod is a group effort including lots of components from different authors. Thank you to all who contributed to make this mod possible!