Another Fine Hell

This mod introduces a new reason why the PC falls at the end of SoD and has to leave town. For this, events after the slayer-dream-sequence are altered accordingly. The mod does not introduce a new catastrophe or frame work, it just uses what is already happening at Dragonspear basement and gives said events a new focus in people's perception of the PC's power and possible posed threat in combination with their divine heritage.

The mod uses as many original lines and situations as possible. Also, the event that leads to the fall in the original game is still in and still plays an important role for the PC to regain the favor of the Dukes of Baldur's Gate. It just isn't the reason the PC has to leave the town any more.

For EET, install the mod directly to your EET game.

Please note: this mod is in alpha and does *not* include any BGII content yet. SoD part is finished.

In a later version, there will be the possibility to finish a quest given by the Dukes of Baldur's Gate to regain redemption - and to help the Sword Coast to get rid of a constant threat from the nine hells.

The mod consists of three components:

1 Another Fine Hell - Optional Ending for SoD and (planned) BGII Closure

This is the main and required component of the mod. It changes the ending of SoD, with Bence Duncan starting his dialogue after he found the PC and Skie on the floor after the slayer-dream-sequence.

Public's perception of the PC being a child of Bhaal together with returning unscathed from Avernus is what leads to the riots in the city's streets. Skie's death will be noted but only plays a side role that adds to the overall hysteria.

This revised ending keeps all key moments: Bence Duncan and Corwin find the PC and take them back to Baldur's Gate, there is a public scene were the PC's Bhaal heritage is announced publicly, turmoil and chaos in the streets spread so the PC has to retreat to their quarters inside the palace. The visit of the Hooded Man, Corwin, and any romance interests will trigger as normal, although the Hooded Man will only appear after the PC went to bed. Murder accusations in the romance interests' dialogues were removed or altered appropriately.

Basically, the atmosphere in this revised ending is changed in so far, as it is not the single event of Skie's death, but what the PC did and where they went in combination with their Bhaal heritage that triggers the ambiguous chaotic reactions of the city's people. Also, reactions at the public scene make it clear that there is haters and followers to the PC both.

Bence Duncan's hatred for the PC and Corwin's request to take the blame are still in.

There is no interrogation and the player doesn't have to click through any responses to trigger some nicer ending. Duke Belt will always come and explain the situation to the PC. Players who want to have a look around the sewers and fight off Bence Duncan and Corwin at the waterfall can still do so, just tell the guard who is supposed to lead the PC to the exit that the PC will go on their own.

In a later version, this component will also offer a short closure in BGII (for EET) to the Soultaker dagger in case no other mod that covers this is installed. Note: no such closure is included yet.

2 Get the Hells Out - Quest Adaption with (planned) Extended BGII Content

This component gives a deeper quest to the changed ending of the main component: the portal at Dragonspear Castle will not be closed completely, but only set back to "dormant". Any divinely touched blood like the PC's could reopen it again, posing an imminent threat to the Sword Coast!

With this component, the PC will get a quest which will make it necessary to seek the help of a meta mage - an Incantatrix - in Amn. It will also feature the possibility to revisit the Dragonspear Castle area to complete the quest.

Note: This quest is in development. SoD content is finished but no BGII content is included so far.

3 PC's and Imoen's chest in Palace should have their content

This component will move the PC's chest content from the SoD camp chests back into the PC's chest on the (custom) third floor of the palace. In case the player has means to visit the big coalition camp area bd3000.are in BGII (for EET), the content will be moved back there so it won't be lost in a custom mod area.

It will also move Imoen's chest content from the original palace third floor to the custom one the mod uses. Imoen's stuff will be moved back into the original SoD palace 3rd floor in case the player has somehow access to it in BGII for EET.

With component "Imoen's chest moves with the campaign, too" from Imoen4Ever, Imoen's stuff will be moved from the last SoD camp (bd3000.are) to the custom palace area, and vice versa, accordingly.