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The Calling is a collection of quests for BGEE, BGT, EET, or Tutu. Designed originally to be a series of class-related quests, it's now being released as quests get developed and completed. At present one quest is available, along with an item pack and a peaceful resolution to some TotSC content.

What's New in Version v3   See changelog


"This is it. The moment we should have trained for."

  • Updated Russian translation, courtesy of paladin84 and arcanecoast.ru
  • Fixed a typo or two in the text
  • Revamped translation files and how the mod handles encoding
  • Fixed the French readme's encoding as it was not properly displaying some characters
  • Minor changes for Exotic Items Pack:
    • Tsu-o-Shi now has its own, unique icon
    • The Quiver/Case/Bag of Plenty will better match the projectiles and usability of their underlying items (e.g. shamans could not use the Quiver)
    • The prices of Ioun Stones has been reduced
    • The Flickering White Ioun Stone now displays a portrait icon to go along with its cold resistance

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