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This Baldur's Gate II mod adds Angelo Dosan, the fighter-turned-mage who served as your brother's henchman in Baldur's Gate. You may remember that he sentenced you to death and fought against you in the Undercity, and if you were lucky enough to mine the content, you may remember that he is Shar-Teel's father. Most likely he didn't survive your game, but people in this world seem to have a knack for not staying dead.

What's New in Version v9   See changelog


- Added Russian version, by fufel007.
- Corrected Sarevok's scriptname in adang25j.d.
- Traify-d all text lines in adsuu.baf, adangel.baf and adsawara.baf.
- Fixed text format for non-English EE games (setup-angelo-ee.tra).
- Changed tp2 specifications for portrait components so they get deinstalled automaically if main component is not installed.
- Added angelo.ini with meta data and syntax to support Project Infinity.
- Added libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.7z for iconv license info.

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