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Talents of Faerûn Beta 7

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Talents of Faerûn (ToF) is a collection of about 85 mini-mods for the Enhanced Edition versions of Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, and Icewind Dale, partially inspired by existing mods and tabletop Dungeons and Dragons resources. It contains many optional tweaks to various parts of gameplay, focussing on expanding and rebalancing player character abilities. Features include 150-odd new high-level abilities, a new 'feat' system where lower-level characters gain abilities every few levels, revisions to existing kits, new classes, new kits for multi-class characters, new types of magical specialization, a dozen or so new spells, many spell tweaks, 20-odd new gods for clerics to worship, a subrace system, a revised system of cleric/druid spells, and tweaks to the rules for ability scores and proficiencies.

What's New in Version Beta 7   See changelog


  • Fixed a residual bug with the proficiency system that was affecting dual-classed characters.
  • Ability score modifiers should work on Siege of Dragonspear and throughout EET, for real this time.
  • The pregenerated PCs are now set to 1st level if you install low-level abilities, and get their proficiencies assigned correctly if the revised proficiency system is used.
  • Fixed even more cosmetic issues where odd symbols were sometimes displayed next to class names.
  • Shadowdancers no longer get the Trapmaster ability
  • Fixed a minor issue with the Wand of Spell Striking in the 'more consistent breach' spell tweak.
  • Fixed a library bug which meant the new Fiendish Warding spell was given to some non-evil joinable NPCs.
  • If you have installed the remove-alignment-restrictions components, Beastmaster documentation no longer assumes they are good-aligned.
  • Installing both the 'wider grand mastery' and 'revised proficiency system' components no longer leads to duplicate lines in class descriptions.
  • Elementalists cannot be installed unless you are using both the IWD spells and the new arcane spells. (This was always the design intention but an error in the ini file was blocking it.
  • Water elementalists have overcome their self-doubt, and are now correctly documented as unable to use fire spells, instead of water spells.

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