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IWDification Translator Tool v2

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About This File

This is not a mod for players.

Since most of the strings for IWDification are pulled directly from IWDEE, I wrote a small tool that anyone can run on their language of IWDEE and generate the majority of the main tra file.

Extract this on your IWDEE install, make sure the game language is set to the translation you want, run it, and then uninstall it.

It will generate game_strings.tra and game_strings_ee.tra inside the iwdification_translate folder. From there, you have about ~20 strings to translate for game_strings (many of which can be copied from elsewhere, as noted in the generated file), ~5 for game_strings_ee, and ~8 strings for the whole of setup.tra to finish the translation.

What's New in Version v2   See changelog


  • Fixed two bugs reported by Gwendolyne, thanks!
  • Gave more explicit ranges in the strings that have to be manually translated.

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