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Modify script state in spells


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I was finishing modding almost the entire spell list when i realized that the few spells i didn't overwrite with my mod has some line:

-modify proficiency

-modify script state

I think some mod (detectable spells maybe?) add these and that they are needed for some enhanced AI to detect spell's effects on targets...am i wrong?

What i need to know is which mod add these lines cause i have to install it after mine own to work properly.



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Thanx...problem is i've installed Quest Pack long before mine mod (which is installed last)...can i extract the code in quest pack .tp2 and put it (temporary) in my mod .tp2 or i need some files too in the quest pack folders? If i can avoid to re-install everything it's better and i need my mod to be the last at least until it's not finished...


P.S Were you working on a new version of Improved Ilych? Cause 1.4 caused some stuttering if i remember well...your mod was the only way i could still play the Irenicus' dungeon having some fun!




Ok i've noticed i have to copy detectable_spell folder...hope it works.

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Copying that folder isn't everything you need to do. Open QP's tp2 and find a line DEFINE_ACTION_MACRO ~DETECTABLE_SPELLS~ BEGIN.

Copy all, including this line, until DEFINE_ACTION_MACRO ~CREATURE_IMPROVEMENTS~ BEGIN


Paste it in your tp2 before language selections.

Change questpack in this ~questpack/detectable_spells/effects.2da~ to your mod's folder.





SII v1.5 is out about 3 months.

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