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Happy Birthday, and Good Job G3!


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I just wanted to say Happy 4th Birthday to G3 and the G3 Community. Especially those of you whom have been with the site from the start, and all of those who have striven to do their best, staying up countless hours, staring at their computer monitors until their eyes turned black and their vision went blurry.


I am new to this forum, but with my growing love for the Infinity Engine and all it has to offer, hopefully I will be one of the many to come who will be making mods for these great games for years to come. Anyway, I will make this short and sweet. I just wanted to say "Cheers!" and "Good Job!". Also this late Summer Update was awesome, and looks like one to be reckoned with.


Thanks again G3, and Congratulations. May your mods be fun, and entertaining. Take it easy, and God Bless. Later Days....... =P

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