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BG2 Replay Mod


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There are few things more satisfying in BG2 than a tough battle in which your party is almost wiped out, but somehow, through a bit of luck and improvised tactics, you come back and win.


But haven't you ever wished you could watch the entire battle again? What if you could save stretches of BG2 playtime as a "replay" and play it back continously? How fun would it be to watch a battle in which 80% of the time is spent paused (something fairly common when battling SCS II mages) as live action without any pauses?


I'm imagining something like the Replay feature in Starcraft or Warcraft III. Could there be a way to store a table of events so that they could be replayed?



Now somebody come and tell me this is all a pipe dream :)

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It's what people use to make World of Warcraft movies, among other games. Just be warned that it requires a bloody good computer to both run that and play a computer game with no lag at the same time.

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Re: FRAPS - Yes, but manually editing out all the pauses in a long, hard battle would probably drive anyone insane.


Not that we're sane, necessarily. Or that being sane is all that desirable.

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