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BG1 Trivia #4


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This is the fourth Baldur's Gate trivia I have made, but the first one to be featured on these forums. This sucker is ready to tease your mind and force you to second-guess yourself over, and over, and over, and...well, maybe just 3 times. I will post scores and ranks continuously as I receive submissions. You can PM your answers to me. Please do not post any answers in this topic.


So come test out your knowledge of Baldur's Gate with the fourth trivia. All necessary instructions can be found on the site. :)



The trivia can be found here!.

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Current results stand at:


SixOfSpades: Tethoril (90)

ZFR: Tethoril (85)

Ilyich: Ulraunt (82)

Kitana: Drizzt (69)

Kyrvias: Drizzt (65)


A note to all - this trivia is based on an un-modded version of BG1, so any changes that mods/conversions like tutu make might affect your answers, in which case I will end up marking them wrong since I am unfamiliar with these mods.

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