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Bards Needed for Keto NPC!

Guest Bons

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Guest Bons

When Blue was initially working on the Keto NPC mod, she asked for individuals to volunteer music samples. She intended to work these into Keto's quest that involves a bardic competition. (No, I'm not calling it Amnish Idol.) Blue did not pass on any of the submissions she'd received when we resumed work on Keto at PPG, so I'm looking for brave, new volunteers to contribute their talents to this portion of the mod.


I'll welcome submissions from singers and instrumentalists for consideration. E-mail to llamababe@carolina.rr.com. Keep in mind that the material needs to fit within the Forgotten Realms setting. If used, your submission may be edited in length for the sake of pacing the cutscene, and you will be included in the mod's credits.


I am trying to wrap Keto's quest up over the next two weeks, so the quicker the response, the more likely I'll find a place for your submission. Any additional questions, please ask, PM or e-mail. No carrier pigeons, please.

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