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Hi, I have a few questions:


-Why isn't there a recent beta version? Is it to work faster on the CVS version?


-About Icewind Dale II: I have just found Icewind Dale I + IWDII for only 6$, and I think that I will try it with GemRb. But since it is the latest Infinity-based game, and so the most complex of them, if we correct all the bugs that we find in IWDII, it should mean that we also won't crash under the other infinity-based games. Am I wrong? :)


-Abut GemRB itself. It is often said that GemRB can go further than the original games. I also have seen that Icewind Dale II can be used with a 1024x728 resolution, and that a Widescreen mod exists. So the question is : is it possible to modify the GUIScripts so as to play for example to BGII with the IWDII interface, under a resolution of 1024x768, or higher? And, is it hard to do?


-Where can I explain you the bugs I meet in IWDII? In these forums? Wouldn't it be better to create a special page to explain them?


That's all! ;)

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1. A new release is near. *pokes Avenger*


2. They share the engine, so if IWD2 would be perfectly supported, the other games wouldn't be that far behind. Remember that each has its own unique features and pitfalls. :)


3. One item on the TODO is to use the superior IWD2 interface's features where applicable. The resolution bit is easier, just run bg-config(?) and choose a higher resolution.


4. Here, on the SF bugtracker or on irc.

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