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Problem with "Improved Inventory BAMs for BG"


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Hi everyone!



I have a weird problem with the "Improved Inventory BAMs for BG".


I've just today installed BG 1 again to have a go from the beginning again.



I have a clean install of:


BG 1


latest patch (5512)

Baldurdash Text update

Baldurdash Fixpack 1.1


To this I added the "Improved Inventory BAMs for BG" (v2, dowloaded yesterday from this site).



Problem: While playing at "color depth: 32" the inventory icons of the splint mail and the studded leather armor at the one store inside candlekeep (Winthrop sp?) were a weird mass of violet pixels. Right-clicking them gave a normal description without problems. Left-clicking them to move them onto the paperdoll crashes me back to the desktop every time.


When I reduced "color depth" to "16" this resulted in recognizable inventory items again, however left-clicking them again crashed me to the desktop.


After un-installing "Improved Inventory BAMs for BG" I have no problems what-so-ever with these items.


[When looking at the WeiDU.log and Setup-ImprovedBAMS.debug I saw nothing unusual or strange like obvious errors.]



Anyone got an idea what the problem might be here?






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Guest Aristothenes

BG2 only supports 24bit at it's highest IMO.

Sure, portraits can go to 32, but at some point I assume the code goes unstable.

Why'nt you try 24bit colour instead of 32?

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Guest Aristothenes

Clear up the above post, BG2 does support 32bit, but I'm guessing the tools the improved inventory people work with don't support 32bit output.

And 32bit cards _DON'T_ have a 24bit display option unless you find custom drivers or somesuch. Way to go, stupids...

I'd say patch it by running in 16bit

...you are playing this game for the story, right?...

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many thanks for your replies!


Sorry I didn't answer earlier, but I totally missed your first reply. (No time for playing BG didn't help either.)



"...you are playing this game for the story, right?... "


Indeed, I am.


And I don't care much about the look of inventory items since I don't see them all the time.


But, being unable to equip certain equipment pieces because just clicking on them crashes me to the desktop is a real annoyance. That's why I reported here. (For the time being I'll just kick out the improved bams, at least I can play normally that way.)






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