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Tested resolutions

Guest Xicloing

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Guest Xicloing

Successfully tested 16:10 Resolutions









Note: For nvidia gfx cards, you might have to add some of those as custom resolutions. They weren't shown at first for me, and didn't work before being added in the graphics control panel. Don't konw for ATI or others.


I will try on a 16:9 FullHD TV Set too.

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Guest PopeBrain

I had an error running under the untested resolutions in the main game that would crash the game with some kind of cpp file error, then I tried this tool and punched in my native 1920x1080 resolution and the game works perfect and looks great!

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Guest Guillaume

Tried BG1 + TotSC in 2560x1600: it works but it's damn slow.


Guess I'll have to try if 3D acceleration in BG2 helps and get tutu ...

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