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need help with portrait sizing for IWD1

Lord of Al

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fixed, images are free to use, i have two of these posts on the forums, so if i moderator could delete them and put the links to the portraits somewhere for people to use id be grateful.


actually this might be a better forum for this question.

im starting up IWD for the playtest of IWD NPC, and for the lack of any real "knight" portraits i cut my own from the brettonian armybook from warhammer, just 2 which i liked, the small portraits load fine in the game but the large ones don't, they just have the ? marks in character creation, about the portraits, they are the right sizes,


large: 110x170



they are saved as bitmaps, and i cannot understand why the large ones aren't loading up, here are the links to the portraits if anyone can help me. (photobucket loaded them as jpegs but they are bitmap in my portrait folder.








if it helps i did these in windows paint. Yes that's right, paint.

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