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BG2 bug ?

Guest John

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I just saw this happen and was surprised. I used Level One NPCs to make Imoen a bard (no kit). Then, I created a single-class Lathander cleric pc, IIRC, and started the game. As expected, Imoen was a bard.


After the game started, I saved and quit that game to test a different type of character. I created it (half-elf multi-class ranger/cleric) and started a new game. This time Imoen was her original dual-classed thief/mage self.


Then, I just had to start a new game (and new single-class character) to see what would happen. In this game, Imoen was a bard again.


I made no changes in mods between the games, and the games were single player mode. In all the games I've played before, the Level One NPCs mod worked as expected. I normally play single-classed characters, so I'm not sure if this is a bug or normal behavior of the mod when the pc is a single-class character compared to a multi-class character.



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