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Dynaheir romance ended suddenly?

Guest Qman

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Hello all,

Well, after a long wait I am finally able to ask my question! My comp was out of commission for a while and before it was, I was having trouble with my Dynaheir romance. And I'm hoping you guys can help.

My last LT (LT 14) was before I went into the cloakwood mines. I spent so much time in there that a new dialogue had to be waiting for me. LT 15 is initiated in a city, so I went to the Friendly Arm Inn, nothing. I went to Beregost, nothing. I went to talk to Dynaheir and all the extra player initiated dialogue that I was getting in the romance was gone. From what I can tell, my romance is ended.

I think I said the wrong thing before on LT 14 that ended it. Is there anyway I can reopen the romance? Are there global variable available for me to restart it?

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