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Branwen Dynaheir conflict question

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I have been persuing both the Branwen and Dynaheir romances for the fun of seeing their conflict, even though I am more interested in taking the Dynaheir romance all the way to the end.


However, I worry that by doing so I may have prevented myself from finishing either romance. I recently recieved a banter between Dynaheir and Branwen in which Branwen tossed a coin for [charname]'s affections. It apparently landed on it's side and both Branwen and Dynaheir stated they would no longer court [charname].


Is this really the end? If so, is it inevitable if one keeps both charachters in the party or is it enough to answer more receptivly to either charachters lovetalks?


Thanks in advance :D

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I have exactly the same problem and question, and I am a little dismayed that the qeustion has gone so long unanswered.


Shadowkeeper shows both romances at Stage 1 (active) before the coin toss. BranwynRomanceAcrive=3 after the coin toss, which means Romance Over.


DynaheirRomaceActive=1 after the coin toss, meaning the romance is not over. But her dialogues suggest otherwise.


LATER: Yes Indeed. You must choose one over the other or risk losing both romances. I was hoping to kill two birds with one game session, but I will have to paly again with a different party to romance Branwyn. I am playing a Berserk, but found the Dynaheir romance to be far more interesting, at least up to the limited point I could compare the two.

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