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A PS:T 1024x768 UI pack and its problems (edit: solved)

the vanished one

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edit (08/15/2008): the problems described below have been fixed. Please visit the project's thread if you want more information.




I tried the Widescreen mod with Planescape: Torment, and it's amazing. My sincere thanks to the bigg for the job.


I decided to start working on a small UI pack to improve the UI at 1024x768. This is the result:


I made this with tools such as DLTCEP, BAMWorkshop, MOSWorkshop and used WeiDU for the installer.

At the moment it's incomplete. I've encountered some problems, and I hope that someone here can help me to overcome them. No, I'm no modder, I simply changed some numbers and resized some images. Please forgive my lack of experience.


Issue #1 - I'd like to center the UI screens, instead of keeping them in the upper left corner. I tried this with the save game UI, but...


Original Widescreen mod UI:




Centered UI:




The obvious problem is that one of the background images is "cut" where the 640x480 box ends.


Issue #2 - I'd also like to put the tooltips in the right place:




I don't know whether it's possible and, if yes, what do I have to do. I tried looking for the appropriate parameter with both DLTCEP and Infinity Explorer, but without luck thus far.


Thanks in advance for any help. I won't have much time to do anything in the next 2-3 weeks (I'll be away), I'll get to work when I come back.

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@the bigg:

Why don't you release a new version with all the new features that I sent you months ago? That would have fixed Issue #2 and a lot more.



@the vanished one:

If you are interested in editing the executable yourself, here are some offsets you might want to modify:

Making the action menu work:
offset		 old		 new
0x3cad81	   640		 x
0x3cad88	   480		 y
0x3caeac	   640		 x
0x3caeb3	   639		 x-1
0x3caed7	   407		 y-73
0x3caede	   407		 y-73

And this puts the tooltips in the right places:
offset		 old		 new
0x1a28ec	   640		 x
0x1a28f3	   480		 y

The last pair of offsets should be enough to put the tooltips in the right place an thus fix Issue #2. As far as Issue #1 is concerned: I installed your UI pack but the savegame screen was not centered at all so I couldn't observe the issue.

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I could change most of the ui, however, now i got stuck.

First and foremost, i have technically no modding knowledge, all i did was editing the chu, and image files, so i can only assume what i write down here.

Issue #1 mentioned by The Vanished One. The problem is that mos background for sliders or editboxes, and bmps cannot be displayed outside of 640x480 upper left corner.

It wouldnt be a big problem, as slider/editbox backgrounds could be faked, but it prevent from relocating the display picture in the jounral's beast panel(not that i could set it's position anyhow, but the image could still be extended with transparent area, faking it to show at the right place) and map notes (how do you edit this stuff anyway? i couldn't find a single map note in the ARE files with dltcep).

The dialgues and high level spells center the view on the character in the original 640x480 box(screenshot here: http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/6740/dialoguebp9.jpg http://img93.imageshack.us/img93/7412/spellscrvk1.jpg ), which is a bit annoying, and most of the time causes the background the flicker in store interface(as after dialogue ends it tries to center the camera on the character in the middle of the modified resolution).

Also, i couldn't find anything that handles loading screens in dltcep besides the images it uses, and it is also capped in the 640x480 area.

I assume to resolve these problems further changes would be needed to the exe so theres hardly anything i can do to fix these issues. Some kind of solution would be nice, tho i understand that finding the needed offsets in the exe is not something i should expect of anyone:).


PS: Thanks the bigg for making the mod, even with black boxes its waaaay better experience on my monitor, and sorry for the probably wasted time reading this as i probably wrote down a bunch of stupid things.

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The last pair of offsets should be enough to put the tooltips in the right place an thus fix Issue #2. As far as Issue #1 is concerned: I installed your UI pack but the savegame screen was not centered at all so I couldn't observe the issue.

Thank you! I suspected that I'd have to edit the exe, but I just couldn't figure out what changes what... I know nothing about hex editing :) I can barely use an editor.

As for the savegame screen, sorry for not being clear: currently the UI pack does not have that, because of the problem. I thought that the screenshot would've been enough. The actual CHU file is this.


If you know -or anyone else knows- something more about the executable (what changes what), please post it here, if you have time. You'll help hex illiterates like me to improve their mods for the Good of the Communityâ„¢. And you'll be credited, that goes without saying.

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I've tried editing torment.exe to fix the tooltips. It works, but there's another problem. In the UI screens some tooltips won't stay in the 640x480 box anymore and won't disappear from the main view.


I don't know if I can fix that, the only solution for now is to use the original Widescreen mod UI screens.

I'm not going to include the tooltips fix in my UI pack, at least for now, because I don't know how to make a program that edits the exe... can WeiDU do that?

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i went through the exe and found most offsets i needed (so the vanished one's issue #1 is fixed).


My question is, is it possible to change the loadingscreen at all? (dltcep hints that there should be a chu for it (why else can a button be a progressbar), and gemrb uses a chu for it)

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