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Sendai cutscene bug

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Oh Wizards of all things Moddish, I come again with hat in hand, now hopelessly stuck in Sendai’s Enclave. It looks like my improper uninstalling and re-installing of the Fix & Tweak packs did more than break my Fire Giants and +3 Arrows.


In Sendai’s Enclave, every time I completed a battle that triggered a cut-scene, I encountered the “quest to hunt down Valygar dialog†bug, which in addition to giving me the wrong dialog test, traps my party in a non-active area outside of the inner sanctum. After thoroughly searching through all of the forums (and the entire internet for that matter), I have found one instance of this bug occurring on the Mud Master Discussion forum, in a post from December of 2006. Unfortunately, no solution that worked was offered.


In reviewing the discussion from Mud Master, and other posts with different cut-scene issues, I finally broke down and hacked my baldur.ini file into “Debug=1†mode so that I could activate the CLUAConsole. This allowed me to use the MoveToArea(“AREAâ€Â) command to get myself unstuck and complete all the battles. Now, after much butt-kicking for goodness, I march into the Inner Sanctum only to find my fellow Bhaalspawn missing in action. Even killing her minions did not bring her back.


My uneducated plan is to spawn Sendai in her Inner Sanctum using CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("SENDAI.CREâ€Â) and see if this works. However, I thought I would run this by the Modding authorities to see if this would be a really bad idea, or to see if I’m just stupid and missed a really easy fix for this. In the alternative, is there a CLUAConsole command that would allow me to force trigger the cut-scenes?


For reference, I am only running the game, the latest version of the official patch, and the (badly installed) Fix & Tweak packs.


Again, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I went ahead and spawned Sendai with CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Sendai"), but it did not help. Sendai spawned, went through another unrelated Valygar text, and went hostile. Unfortunately, her statutes did not spawn after the text, and I could not get her past "near death." Any help at this point would be tremendously appreciated, as my nearly yearlong first run through of the game seems to have come to an end :)

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