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Yikari was originally made for a creature contest at TBG. He works fine, bug-free, but he is clearly unfinished at present. This is the information about him in the readme:


This is a NPC for BG2. He is a monk from Kara-Tur. His name is Yikari and can be found in the Temple District in Athkatla (on the bridge generally in the middle of the area).


He has his own quest (sort of). It is to get Celestial Fury from the Guarded Compound in the Temple District. He has taken a vow of silence until he gets the sword. However, he is rather less objectionable than Kuroisan :). Depending on Player1's level when he first enters the Temple District (while Yikari is there) Yikari can be either level 12 or 18.


Depending on whether you have CF (+3 or +5) when you meet him, he will still be bound by his vow of silence. This affects his equipment, biography and dialogue.


You can persuade Yikari to join your party even once you have got Celestial Fury, however a charisma check is made to determine whether he will insist he keep Celestial Fury or whether you can give  it to whomsoever you please. Despite being a monk, Yikari is "skilled" in use of the katana, not "proficient".


If you try to kick Yikari out of your party once you have Celestial Fury he will ask for it before he leaves. Again, if you want to keep it without forcing violence, a charisma check is made. The ring of Human Influence on Player1 is your friend. :grin:


If you let (or are forced to) let Yikari keep a personal watch over CF then only he can use it, it is worth nothing and if you try to kick him from your party without him holding it he will turn hostile. You can only get the original CF from the Yikari-only version from telling him to his face and fighting him. I'll have no betrayal!



Although ToB is required for this mod, ironically Yikari can only be found in SoA. Also, even when Yikari fulfils his vow of silence, he does not ever banter, nor can he in fact say anything at all. This is all because I have had limited time to make this mod (7 days), but I shall remedy all these problems in the future.






To make this NPC more rounded, better, and immersive, I need time, effort, and help.




Are you a competent modder? Looking for somewhere to start? Can you write?


Well if so, I'm looking for YOU *point finger through screen*!



Right now, I need some people who can write BANTER! That's right, BANTER! I heard that's quite popular around here, and it isn't hard! All you have to do is pick an NPC and go for it!



Regarding Yikari's personality. He is lawful good, highly wise, but not all that intelligent. He knows he's a perfectly competent fighter, but doesn't pick fights with other NPCs (they do that <_< ). He tries to avoid conflict wherever possible. He is used to a chain of command, and will accept the PC's decisions without much trouble.



Remember that Yikari tries not to anger anyone, but he's no walkover. He just is so... efficient that he never get into a fight if he doesn't have to. Think Lu-Tze (Pratchett - Thief of Time), only less comic.


He often tries teaching NPCs the benefits of self-control, and all the stuff he learnt in his monastery. He is a visitor to the sword coast and many things seem strange to him. He cannot help regarding everyone (except Yoshimo) as foreigners.



Ideas for banter I may/may not do myself:


A discussion on sweeping (yes, sweeping. Noone notices a sweeper, or someone asking for money).


Chat with Haer about Haiku (Japanese poetry).


Further information about the theft of Celestial Fury from Yikari's monastery by Koshi, and why it is so special in the first place.



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