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Widescreen Issues Comkbined with BGconfig.exe

Guest Stefan

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I'm plating through a BG1/TotSC game modded with BGTutu and a few others that shouldn't effect the WSM (Song and Silence, BG1UB, Rogue Rebalancing, ect.) on my eee PC. The ee PC isn't powerful enough to run some areas using the ambient sounds (espcially Gnoll Stronghold or Cloakwood areas) so I want to turn them off to get rid of slowdown/stuttering. Before installing WSM I run BGconfig.exe and made the appropriate adjustments (turn off speed auto-adjust, turn off ambient sounds) and escape. I then wun WSM with no problems. Starting up my game the stuttering/slowdown reappears. After doing some looking I realize that running WSM (it appears) resets the BGconfig settings and turns on ambient sounds. I haven't been able to find a way to turn off ambient sounds and use WSM.


I'm getting tired of playing in a terrible resolution so I was wondering if there is a way around this or if it isn't even a WSM problem.


Thanks in advance to "the bigg" for the response that I'm sure that will be up in less than an hour =)

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