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Good fun...right, boo?

Guest Stalwart Kurtz

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Guest Stalwart Kurtz

I've played through BG2 for a second time, this time with a small, carefully researched selection of mods installed. Sword Coast Strategems (II?) makes BG2 immeasurably more immersive and satisfying without resorting to the 'betcha-can't-beat-THIS-battle' mentality of Tactics. I think I have every AI and Tactical component installed, with the exception of "Improved Bodhi," due to a passing reference to Tactics in the description (what were you thinking?).


Also, big shout out to the "More Consistant Breach" component of SCSII. About time, you savants.


So far my favorite improved fight is House Jae'llat. My Sorcerer was all like, "Curses! Our foes no longer content themselves with waiting two feet away in the fog of war! All of them are attacking at onc-"*wrestled down by guard mob*

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