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IWD2 and Widescreen Mod Problems

Guest hobo

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I'm attempting to use WSM on IWD2 after using it successfully on BG1, BG2, PST and IWD1. I know this question is somewhat similar to a problem lower in the forum, but was unanswered I assumed because of the use of no cd cracks so I felt it fair to ask again since I'm not using possibly illegal methods to play the game.


I install IWD2 and run it, no problem. I install the 2.01 patch and run it, no problem. I run G3's IWD2 Tweaks and run it, no problem. Then I apply WSM and try to run it and it loads to a black screen (where the Black Isle Studios logo should appear) and I get a Windows error that forces the game to shut down.


I am wondering what I'm doing wrong since WSM has worked wonders for so many other great IE games.



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What resolution are you using?



First, sorry for not responding. Went on an unexpected "vacation". Many apologies for rudeness.


In response to your question, I'm trying to run it on an Eee PC in 1024x600.


After taking a look at the other posts here this seems to be a recurring problem on Eee PCs. As the bigg doesn't have an Eee PC and the mod works on normal computers I'm going to figure this one is going to get tossed into "unfixable".


Thanks for the great mod the bigg. Worked on the Eee PC for BG1, BG2, IWD and PS:T. You made my Eee PC the first portable gaming device I've loved...

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