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XP loss on loading game in Tutu

Guest Loki

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Hi all,


I'm using BG2-Tweaks, v. 6, with the latest version of EasyTutu-ToB. I'm experiencing a rather curious bug, and I was hoping someone here could help me out.


When using the Change Experience Point Cap component from Tweaks, I'm able to gain experience past the BG1 limit of 161,000. However, if I manage to exceed 2,950,000 XP (the BG:SoA limit), I experience a strange behavior, where my character can accumulate additional XP as advertised, but if I save the game and then reload it, the character's XP is set to 2,950,000 on reloading.


I've tried to investigate this a bit with ShadowKeeper. I observed that a character with more than 2,950,000 experience can be correctly recorded in the save game, but if I load that game and then save it again, the character's experience points will then be recorded as 2,950,000. That is to say, if I save a game with a 7 million XP character, the save game records 7 million XP; if I load that saved game and then immediately save it again, the save game will record 2,950,000 XP. This leads me to believe the problem might be with a Tutu script that runs on loading a game.


Does anyone here have any idea how to fix this, or could it be registered as a bug in the Tweak Pack? I can manually re-grant myself the appropriate XP via the CLUAConsole, but I was hoping for a programmatic fix.


(Tutu was installed from clean, patched versions of BG+TotSC and BG2+ToB.)

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