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EasyTutu not Installing Properly


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I realize that this has probably been discussed ad nauseum, but I've found no answers to my problem after reading numerous threads on the topic. I just discovered EasyTutu and want to use it for a new round through BG (Original Saga)BG2 and TOG. I installed the patches for BG2 and TOG. I do not typically have issues with extracting and installing files and according to what I've read, this should be an easy chore.


What happens is this:


Extracts to C:\Temp\EasyTutuSetup.


It then wants to install first to the BG1 file and then to the BG2 file. I am unable to direct it elsewhere. Though installation appears to be completed, I'm guessing it is not. There is no shortcut in programs nor on the desktop.


Perhaps a little help for this old fart who needs some Baldur's Gate time. Thanks a bunch.

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