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Sarevok, Irenicus and Bodhi in Pocketplane and other ascension questions

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Just a some quick questions. In the pocketplane right after killing Iseara and talking with Sarevok where you do the retribution challenge, at the end of the challenge you end up facing off against Irenicus, Bodhi, and Sarevok. I know this is adding by a mod but I can't remember which one and I'm having troubletracking it down..but does SCSII modify this version of Bodhi if the Improved Bodhi component is installed? She didn't seem to do anything out of the ordinary in my game (i think she was draining four levels at a shot but I'm not sure) and I was just curious if she was upgraded. Same for Irenicus and Sarevok. Actually Jon was a real pain in this go around and I couldn't be sure if he was using an Ascension style script or SCSII one.


My other questions has to do with what to expect in TOB ascension with SCSII installed. Since this is my first playthrough with Ascension but 3rd or 4th time using SCSII I'm not sure what to expect from regular enemies (will they use SCSII scripting) and the 5 with both SCSII and Ascension scripting. Does SCSII modify the scripts of the five without the improved versions (so gromir and Yaga Shura use HLA and more intelligent targetting) and will the regular enemies that accompany the five be modified by SCSII?


Just trying to get a feel for whether or not I'm actually going to be able to get through TOB as the final Irenicus fight in SOA gave me a really really hard time and thats after being of somewhat high levels...I'm a below average player at best.





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