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If you happen to play kotor...

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If you happen to play kotor then you may like to know that the PC Customization Pack I is out!


This mod will allow you to play with a red-haired female PC of your choice. It doesnt overwrite the existing PCs and it's COMPLETELY COMPATIBLE with all the other mods around!


This is the 1st part of a series of 4 Customization Packs: Red-haired females, red-haired males, blonde females and blonde males.


In itself it can be something pretty simple, but its one of a kind, as said before it's the 1st mod that guarantees compatibility, thanks to the KISS (Kotor Installer Script System) Installer allows to make changes to existing files like 2da using scripts. That way instead of putting all your own files overwriting existing ones, you make adjustments or additions to existing files instead, which allows mods to be installed next to eachother.

We encourage kotor modder's to make compatible mods! :thumb:


Please check this mod out, the rest of the Packs will be out soon as well. Thanks everybody at Holowan Labs, and a special thanks to Nequam for letting me edit his great female PC.


Our new Kotor modding community, where this mod is hosted is here: Kotor.spellholdstudios.net.

Visit us in the forums here.

And Join Us!

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