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Widescreen glitch only on certain resolutions in TuTu

Guest Eros

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Hey. Sorry if this has come up before, I've searched the forums and couldn't find anything about it. I want to say thankyou for this mod and the entire community here for their fantastic work and tireless effort.


The thing that has me puzzled is that if i use 1680x1050 everything works fine, but when I try to get the resolution I'm after, even though the ratio is the same (I have the Tutu Gui installed with the WSM compatability fixes from the forums here)


It's not the same type of problem that most users have reported, no green bars or black boxes, but almost as if my resolution and colour depth has dropped right down, like a safe-mode windows start-up.


I've started the game up before installing the WSM, and it works fine without the mod, and like I said works fine on those high resolutions.


My only thought was I tried starting up the BGconfig to see if I'd left an option unchecked, and I noticed that the 1280x960 resolution was selected. - unchecking this or re-checking it makes no difference - perhaps the game is in conflict by trying to load several resolutions at once? but if that were the case why would I be the only user experiencing this? But windowed mode runs fine as well, the problem only occurs in full-screen.


Any help would be appreciated. Everything in the install runs smoothly, and I'm at a loss as to what to change to get this functioning.

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You're like a shiny god!


I'm going to name a kid after you!


thanks so much, i must seem like a rookie, that has to be a noob mistake, but it never even occurred to me. :D


Thankyou, a million times thankyou

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