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Using the RSS Feeds


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I had started using RSS big time when CamDawg first introduced them here. At the time I used Bloglines and Thunderbird to follow my feeds, but it rapidly got out of hand.


About a year ago, I moved to Google Reader which allows you to tag the feeds, and favourite and share the articles. They also reformat the article into their reader page, which is pants for some feeds but excellent for bulletin board generated feeds as it strips out all the page decoration. I thouroughly recommend using Google Reader to read the Gibberlings 3 site.


I have just bought an ipodtouch which makes reading the feeds via Google even easier, I don't have to be at a computer. It would have been impossible to read the boards using a 'touch without Google Reader's help.


Is it time for a topics only feed?


Finally I see that G3 has moved on to NWN2 mods, I know, 9 months late, but it just proves what I said about using 'Reader.


I will probably be back here more frequently.

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