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Suggestions / offer of additions/translation


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I'm actually playing IWD in multiplayer with a partner. We installed IWD_IU, and are mostly happy with it.


What we want to offer:

1. A german translation of the mod (20% done)

2. Two new weapons: Throwing Hammers, Boomerangs (each in a "normal", and in two magical versions) (80% done)

3. One modified weapon: Throwing axes (both in normal, and two magical versions) (50% done)

4. A useful new item: A quiver of plenty for Arrows of impact (50% done)


More details of the items later, once/if you responded.


The new items are "work in progress", as they already work regarding functionality, but are missing all graphics, and are, of course, not WeiDU.


By offering this to you, we want to avoid the hassle of learning WeiDU before adding some simple items, and have some experienced modder do some reliable testing. We would deliver the items and the changes in the scripts to you, and you could then decide if you incorporate it or not.


We also have some suggestions regarding the mod:

- Drop the returning darts in favour of the boomerang (which is much more useful anyway, esp. against undead, and can be used with the same skill and by the same characters)

- Add "weapons for all", as the restriction of AD&D simply make no sense, don't help game balance much, and are more or less a source of frustration.


So far. Hope we hear from you.

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