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Dialogue wrongly centering the camera

Guest BM

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The issue I am having is that at the start of every dialogue, the camera is centered to the southeast of my character and the talking NPC, so that they are in the upper left corner; spot I believe would be the correct one with the native resolution. The correct behavior would be for it to center on my character and the NPC, right?


Screenshots explain better than I:

In this one, I would speak to a tutor (purposely done on the opposite corner), to have the camera moved to this point.

In this moment, probably all too familiar for all of you, I would walk towards Gorion, to be stopped by Imoen and have the camera moved to such extent that I couldn't even see him anymore.


Now for some technical information: I have installed the 5 CD BG version, followed by TotSC, it's patch, and then the Widescreen mod, configured for 1024x768. Nothing else.

I do know of EasyTutu and the possibility of running BG2 on 1024x768 natively, but as this is my first playthrough, I would prefer to play the vanilla version. This issue is, however, bothering me to such extent, that I might as well use EasyTutu, if unable to fix it.

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I can't fix this without external help, sorry. The camera should move back to its originary position after the dialogue, though, so this should be only mildly annoying.

I see. Indeed it does, and I find that now it doesn't bother me as much. Guess I'll get used to it, or switch to EasyTutu.

Would the "Dialogue view correctly centered in PST." change that came with the version 2 refer to this same issue on PST?


Lovely work at any rate, and thanks for the response.

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