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Widescreen Mod installed succesfully in IWD2 but not working


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I installed the Widescreen Mod v1, I set the resolution to x = 1280 and y = 800 using setup-widescreen.exe from my game folder, it reported no errors and said the install was succesful but the resolution did not change, it remained 1024x768 (which was the resolution I previously set using the games config utility).


I uninstalled the Widescreen Mod using the same setup-widescreen.exe and discovered there was a more updated version online, I deleted the setup-widescreen.exe and "widescreen" and ran the widescreen-v2.1.exe file.


I once again set my resolution to 1280x800 but once again, nothing happened.


I have Windows Vista Home Basic, Icewind Dale II with what I believe to be the latest patch and the game is installed in D:\Games\Icewind Dale II\ folder, C:\ being the System partition with Windows on it.


What is there to be done? Thank you for you time.

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I take that back, it works, I thought it didn't work because the menu's resolution didn't change but when you load the game it works.


Another question now, is there a mod that adds the necessary interface design elements to make this mod complete? Like an image in the black space to the right of the in game interface? (eider for IWD II or BG2, I noticed someone did something like this for Planescape Torment)


I already love playing the game like this and the black area doesn't bother me much but it wouldn't hurt :)


Thanks for a grate mod by the way.

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