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Something killed my Coran romance...


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Coran complications again - just wondering if it's a glitch or if I did something wrong... I was romancing Coran, everything was going smoothly and the last LT I had was the one that started "My love-", then after clearing the Cloakwood mines I noticed I couldn't flirt with him anymore. Checking the globals, P#CoranRomanceInactive was set to 1. (Oh, and I have the "reveal Cloakwood areas early" bit installed, so I could get Coran earlier... it worked fine in my previous game at least.)


My party has Imoen, Minsc, Dynaheir, Kivan and Coran, so no other romances running, and I don't think I said anything stupid in the last LT either, it was pretty straightforward.


I assume I can just set the variable to 0 to resume the romance? I just wondered if my PC said something wrong. :)

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