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Alright, I have DLTCEP, but for some reason the readme file wont work, and the only tutorial for this tool I found was on the team bg site, which is of course gone.


Can anyone help me out so I can make this item I have planned? I just don't know how to use it, or what any of it does.

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Guest Avenger

What do you mean by 'the readme file won't work' ?

I can't imagine you are unable to read a text file, but your note implies that.


The key of success is to configure dltcep, most people has trouble with it.

1. go to setup

2. type in a setup name, like: bg2

3. choose a game type, like: SoA

4. select the chitin.key of your bg2 game

5. choose the Bg2Effects.dat

6. remove the read only setting

7. click on save&back


from now on you can use dltcep.

If you need multiple setups, repeat the above steps with trivial changes.

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