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Going to post whatever I can find to work with into here as I go:

#170, RevealAreaOnMap(S:ResRef*)


This works as stated, though a part of the sentence should be omitted as it's dependent on the area revealed: ", enabling travelling to it".


Also the example's more in mind of BG2, which might confuse some folks. This might work better:










#173, AddJournalEntry(I:Entry*,I:Type*JourType)


Should read I:Type*. Whatever value is used for the type parameter is irrelevant, as it'll always go to the protagonist's journal screen. Can probably omit the second parameter entirely?




#190, SaveGame(I:Slot*)


This should actually be FinalSave(). Behaves just like described, only the save game is called "Final-save"




171 CreatePartyGold(I:Amount*)


Not listed, but behaves exactly like #171, GiveGoldForce in BG1


181 ReallyForceSpell(O:Target*,I:Spell*Spell)

181 ReallyForceSpellLevel(O:Target*,I:Spell*Spell,I:CastLevel*)


These two exist, and behave in the same mannar as their BG1 counterpart.




168 Interact(O:Object*)


This needs to be added to ACTION.IDS to work. *Appears* to behave in the same manner as the BG1/BG2 action, but it's hard to tell given how it works. My guess is it's closer to being Interact(), where it'll start the next valid interaction in the character's B*.DLG file.


180 MoveToObjectFollow(O:Object*)


This needs to be added to ACTION.IDS to work, but behaves exactly like its BG1 counterpart.

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6 flat out crashes, says there's an error at ObjectCre.h at 934


12 will crash the game, but in an interesting manner. It'll give an error message saying "Programmer says: Tracking is not implemented". This makes me think it might be worthwhile for one of you guys to check BG1/2 to see if action #12 has something to do with Tracking.


32, 35 have no visible effect but doesn't crash the game either.


101 when as just Test() has some quick effect that causes the character's anim to fidget but then revert back to it's original stance...not sure what it really does, needs investigating.


Update:This apparently behaves something like Test(O:Object*,I:Number*). How that works I don't know, but if you use a value for the second parameter without defining some object (which actually seems to have no effect on how it works), it'll crash.

Values for number end up causing the character to rotate and/or move. Not exactly the most useful command is it?

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