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Kim BG2 NPC Mod - updated to version 1.62b


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Kim BG2 NPC Mod

Developed by Grenouillebleue, maintained by Akadis

Download it here:



Version 1.62b

Last updated 27/06/2009



- Throne of Bhaal

- BG2FixPack (component "Core Fixes")


Thanks to Jastey and Gerry for the proofreading of the German version.

Thanks to Jeneara and Diana for the proofreading of the English version.


NPC for Baldur's Gate II, you can find her near Renald Bloodscalp.


Incredibly beautiful, deliciously sensual... and terribly unnerving. Kim makes a detour to Athkathla. Can you tame her?


Kim can have a romance with male humans, elves or half-elves.

Banters with all Bioware NPCs

A small and a big quest.


Kim is a female pirate, who recently landed in Alkathla.

(She was member of the Baldur's Gate Guard, but had to flee Baldur's Gate, after killing fellow guards in a dispute. She therefor embarked on a pirate ship. Recently, her ship sunk before Alkathla. Oh, and she likes rum.)


You can find her near Renald Bloodscalp.

Class: swashbuckler.

Chaotic Neutral

STR:17 DEX:18 CON:10 INT:14 WIS:7 CHA:16


The mod includes the possibility to install a less powerful Mystic Axe of Entropy.




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