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Weird Beserker/Mage Hit Point Bug


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I am playing a Tutu game but I am guessing this is a bug in the vanilla BG2 game hence my post here.


My character is a Beserker dual classed to a Mage. I got to level 9 in Beserker before dual classing. I have just got to level 10 in mage and come across two bugs.


1. When I levelled up to a level 10 mage (regaining my Beserker skills back...thankfully!) I only obtained 4 hit points. I choose to always have maximum hit points for my character by adjusting the difficulty slider, so I was expecting 6 hit points - 4 for a mage and 2 additional hit points for constitution bonus (I have CON 19). I believe this is a bug? Perhaps the engine thinks I am still a fighter so only gives 9 levels worth of constitution bonus?


2. Much much more strangely, when I now use my Enrage skill, the normal messages appear about losing 15 hit points when the rage wears off - but now when the Enrage expires, I lose 12 hit points! I actually manage to recover 3 hit points....very odd indeed. Despite losing 12 hit points the message "you now lose 15 hit points" still appears. What on Earth is making this happen!? Very confused! Can anyone help me fix this issue please?

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