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Installing on new dvd version

Guest edwardexcel

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Guest edwardexcel

Hi all,


There's a new release of planescape on just one dvd, and I was wondering if there was some way of making the widescreen compatible with it. It's identical to the old planescape in every way, even with the icewind dale trailer at the end of the installer, that damned interplay sign-up thing and no changes as far as I can see in game. So it's compatible in theory, right? I've copied all the cd2/cd3/cd4 files from within the dvd for a full install but the installer doesn't seem to be wanting it. It gives me an EXE patching failure.


Is this a lost cause or is there something that can be done?


Here's the link to the dvd version for the interested: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Plane-Scape-Tormen...5381&sr=8-1




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Hello, I'm a curious observer of this thread.


I've actually been considering buying this DVD release of PS:T, but one of the main reasons I haven't yet is because I wasn't sure if it will work with the WSM. For those having issues, please keep us posted as to if you're able to get it to work or not.


Thanks, and I'll take this chance to thank the bigg for this fantastic mod.

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I've recently bought the DVD version and successfully installed the widescreen mod, my order of operations was:

-Install torment

-Install official 1.1 patch (the dvd version comes with version 1.0)

-Copy cd2,3,4 and edit torment.ini file to 'full install'

-Install Qwinn's fixpack

-Install Some of Qwinn's tweaks

-Install this widescreen mod

-Install GhostDogs UI fix


Things seem to be working fine, I can't run in windowed mode (I think that is a limitation of this mod maybe?) but overall it works very well.

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