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Shapeshifting crashes in Underdark

Guest YuriyT

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After being transformed by the dragon into a drow-form, equiping or changing weapon to Werewolf or Greater Werewolf paw leads to this crash:


"An Assertion failed in ChVidImage.cpp at line number 1921

Programmer says: .BAM is corrupted (GetFrame() failed)"


Any clues what to edit to stop crushes?

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The only thing that helped me was (I was using 'Near Infinity'):

0. Backup both files.

1. Change most entries (inventory icon, icon, groundicon, carried icon) of wwweregr.itm and wwwere.itm to simple dagger's ones (Dagg01.itm).

2. Remove Effects: Animation Change and Play 3d Effect.

3. Add same Effects as Dagg01.itm has (three Sets of item color). Just copied or made a manual entry, do not remember.

4. Manually add removed Effects: Animation Change and Play 3d Effect for further transformations (after being drow). Maybe use some modified entries of Animation Change.


These manipulations allowed the character to leave the animation of a drow by equipping the "paw". Nevertheless this file changes the animation of a werewolf after regaining a primal form. It is not reflecting the real state of things and allows to roleplay less. IMHO in the drow city running transformed into a werewolf is a bit silly from roleplaying point of view. Think a bit, what a drow has in mind when sees that another one is shape-shifting into a werewolf? :thumbsup: But let us suppose that the Silver Dragon made the illusion of a drow that covers any transformations.


The only thing about bugs of a changed file. It seems to me that pathfinding of the Shapeshifter is a bit buggy after using the modified "paw". He sometimes stops while moving in a straight direction.

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